Online Classes

We have moved to our new website 🙂

A mix of Videos, 1:1 sessions through ‘live’ Virtual class on Basics of Photography by Saurabh Chatterjee, a National Geographic and Lonely Planet contributor for people around the world – The only school with lifetime support!

Do you dream to take great pictures with your existing camera?
Do you want to take your passion of Photography to the next level?
Do you want to be known as the official photographer among your friend and family?

If you answer is YES to these questions, Join me. You will never regret it!

In Persian, SIA means bringer of joy and thats what Photography for me is all about

Click here to see My Interesting Pictures (well flickr says so 🙂 )

My Vision – To make every camera owner a great photographer.
Why SIA?

Facebook group – share your pictures and get feedback – the learning never stops!

Feedback – please have a look what participants say about my sessions.

To join me please fill the Registration Form

Cost- $99 for presentation videos and four 1:1 sessions of 1 hour each and support for lifetime thru FB group!

How it works?

1. Online presentation videos (divided into modules) and other materials will be shared with you.

2. After completion of the modules, you will have a 1:1 sessions for additional discussions, answering your questions and feedback sessions.

3. You will be added to our private FB group. You will be able to post your pictures here and get comments on how to improve.

Requirements – A computer with Skype installed.


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10 thoughts on “Online Classes

  1. Hi surabh ,
    I would like to take online course from could you please lemme know the details , I’m been doing photography since three and half years I would like to learn more and more . Please consider my request
    De photography
    By sunny domala

  2. Hi

    I would like to attened inclass course , but right now i don’t have any clue about basics . could you give me complete details please

    • Hi Satya
      This class is for people who dont have any clue about the basics. There are some advanced topics as well. Pls see the topics tab for more details. Mail me if you want to join. Contact details on the Contact Us tab.

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