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my son Nikhil Kumar, in pursuit of his passion, attended his class on photography with SIA Photography Hyderabad and since then…his outlook seems to have changed completely…… Saurabh Chatterjee i can hear him repeating all that you must have taught today… thank you… this is what was perhaps missing…i am a happy mother today 🙂


Thanks Saurabh 🙂 My son is really thrilled to have learnt some basics in Photography. He is so excited that he is saying that he has learnt so much that it is equal to BFA 🙂 – He handles SLRs when he was in 6th std but this is the first time that he is exposed to some basics. He is too sharp and grasps everything at the first take especially anything creative and purposely I wanted him to know these things through somebody like you. With the very first class he is reciting many things and is keen to use these principles in his next photo shoot. Any how I feel knowing photography skills is as important as knowing driving two/four wheelers. I am sure he will know more by the end of your classes. Thans again 🙂

Chandrasekhar Singh (Sekhar anna) NGC international award winner

Thank you so much Saurabh for the wonderful session. It has in fact corrected me in so many places. I believe this session would really enhance my skills of taking better pictures. Thank you so much for being there, guiding and improving all of us with every field trip.

Sandeep Agarwal

The course and panning  work shop  was simply great,  as it changed my outlook on photography  and also feel missed out when i see those photo walks you were doing  and hope i will join you all when i come back to india next.

Vijay Kandimalla, Trinidad and Tobago

It was a great experience overall.. Got to know many things that previously i had no clue about. I will implement all things i got to learn from the workshop.
Anand Joshi

When I was a kid i use to bunk my school and climb Birla Mandir on different occasions and use to feel “oh! I climb such a big mountain….” After I grow up and started exploring bigger peaks and conquered many of them I still treat myself as a learner and a longway to go…

Similar to my above experience my cam is 6 months old and I always keep the cam on full auto mode and used to shoot the pics and feel “oh! thats a nice shot….”

After attending the SIA Photography classes, now I feel I have a longway to go and train myself to take good pics under the training of my Guru Mr.Saurabh…
Feel really great to be your student…
-Ali Razvi (one of the prominent mountaineer from Hyderabad)

“saurabh is one of the greatest teachers i have met not only because of his knowledge that is plentiful in him but for the person he is he teaches with soo much patients and in such a easy way it becomes more fun and well he bonds with people very well and the relationship with him is long lasting what i mostly learned from him apart from photography is that we should make bonds and friends as we learn and he has made our group not like any other group he has tied us soo well with his love and patients and care that we are like a huge big family and well yes he does know alot …..i today am thankful and greatful to be under saurabh sir :D”

Sahejit (a student)

I bought the DSLR in September and had been experimenting with it, however the basics were missing. The technique taught by you have opened a new avenue for me in photography.
The simplistic approach has been helpful
Personally, your down to earth attitude works wonders and you take good care of your students.
Here’s wishing you success for your future endeavours!

Gaurav Chhabria

Had a great field trip on 10th, though it was my first, i enjoyed it, and learnt a lot, and am looking forward for many such field trips.
Its been 6 months since i started photography, like everyone else, i started learning photography through video tutorials and following few blogs. Though i understood the theory part, i was unable to link them(concepts on aperture ISO, shutter speed, exp compensation etc) practically. I spent many hours taking photos but i was never satisfied with them. I am very fortunate that i came across Your 5 hours theory
session was simple and perfectly organised, already suggested few of my friends to attend your sessions. Started clicking some decent photos, will be uploading them soon.. 🙂
Thank you 🙂


Great Vision. You have the passion and campassion for beginners. I wish you all the best in succeeding in your mission.
Chandrasekaran Subramanian

“Saurabh is very dedicated to deliver a perfect experience of photography to every student he deals, a team player who can motivate and efficiently manage maximum Team Members. Takes decisive action to help all students and is only happy when the student is. He is an asset to any organization and I would wholeheartedly recommend him as I know he will be successful in any new challenge he faces in his future.”

Ference (a student)

“If you own a camera and wondering what is the meaning of all those setting such as iso,aperture,exposure etc etc, this is one stop for scratching your head!! The lessons are put plainly and in an easy to understand manner!! And with Field trips u get visit new places and learn photography with hand on approach1”

Akash (a student)

“He is kind gentle and very clear in his classes.Very informative many times.”

Rajesh (a student)

“I have learnt photography from Saurabh in February this year and since then my passion and love for photography kept increasing. He is an awesome teacher and a great human being; a wonderful teacher who has loads of patience and a fantastic attitude which makes you listen to him, learn from him and if possible, become one like him. I am thankful for having found him as my teacher. I would definitely recommend Saurabh, highly”

Sai (a student)

“Need to take good pics?Want to feel yourself great as a good photographer? U are here.Meet Mr.Saurabh Chatterjee.With him U can learn photography from the scratch.  Google him you’ll find a lot of achievements, Meet him you may experience them personally.

Cheers to Saurabh”

Krish (a student)

“He is among one of the best teacher I met. His class was always the best – I felt most comfortable in the environment he set up. He was always so clear in his explanations and I could always understand what he was trying to get at.   He always practiced what he preached: his methods of teaching us demonstrated the desirable teaching methods for our use.  He remain vivid in the students’ memories forever because of his creativity teaching.   Great to have him in my life of learning. ”

Anil Singanamala (a student)

“Saurabh is a good teacher. I started to know mt SLR only after attending his class.”

Sandeep (a student)

“He is one of the best teachers i have ever met. He is always ready to help. ”

Smita (a student)

“Saurabh has been a great inspiration ever since I attended his workshop on Basics of Photography. An extremely approachable person and a great trainer.   About the workshop, full of great insights and clarified numerous doubts about photography. At the same time, cleared the cloud of many myths. Field trips have been a blessing. We not only learned finer skills, but also earned many friends.   Thank you so much for the learning opportunity. I would highly recommend everyone who is looking for some guidance in the area of photography.”

Prabhat (a student)

“My husband and I took Photography class with Saurabh C in June 2012. The fundamentals covered in simple language, tips and tricks shared in the class and on field trips have exposed me to how to take photographs better. Not just the technicalities of exposure, ISO and field of depth but importance of compositions, placement of subject and making photographs interesting/alive.  Through examples, personal or from experts in the field, Saurabh inspires his students. He encourages his students to upload their pictures in a private Facebook group and gives constructive feedback on how to improve. His passion for photography is infectious – you will want to take photos , try the tips and techniques you learn and share and get feedback. I have seen tremendous improvement in my and my husbands photographs from before and after the course. I highly recommend his in person or online course. You will not regret it at all.”

Rutuja (a student)

“It has been an amazing learning experience with Saurabh. Saurabh is someone who knows his subject well and also knows how to teach it in a very simple manner to clueless students like me. The learning is not just limited to classroom session, the regular field trips are an amazing way to continue learning. He is always available to answer any query that you may have. I think am very lucky to have found a trainer like Saurabh.”

Aparna Harish (a student)

“My 5 stars to Saurabh for teaching me photography. Perfect teacher!”

Manisha (a student)

“Saurabh possesses the right qualities to guide people eager to take their knowledge of photography to the next level. For beginners, he provides lessons in basics of photography that goes a long way in creating timeless photos. He is not biased and provides very honest feedback but also is highly encouraging and supportive of your flaws.   More than anything, Saurabh is a great person to meet, is very humble and grounded even with more than a decade of experience in photography.”

Trishnanta (a student)

Of all the qualities Saurabh possesses as a teacher, the best part I think is his humility. He answers the dumbest question with the same patience. I learnt a lot from him in the session. He has started a group on Facebook for all his students and we learn a lot from sharing with each other on a continuing basis…so its not a one 5 hour session and the end of photography training. Highly recommended!!

Shweta Shanbhag

The basics I got from SIA’s Classes are the foundation pillars for my photography. I am really glad I began at SIA. The frequent weekend photo walks are helping me a lot too. Saurabh is a kind and down-to-earth photographer and mentor and his guidance is the best. Thank You

Sai Manohar Rudramaina

Saurabh Chatterjee : You have taught me adding life to my pictures… Went to Sanjeeviah park this morning with my friends… And found a tremendous improvement in my photography.. 🙂 Thankyou… Anurag

Passion…………….. thats what he has oodles of! whether to shoot the different moods of our country or to engage a motley group of photoenthusiasts for five and half hours of lecturing without anyone taking a second look at their watches! Thats Saurabh for all you folks looking to find their first photography mentor…………… thanks for the new experience at your workshop. Hope to see and learn more of this passion.

SaiKiran KV

I should thank you for sharing the photo shooting tips…. I can’t say how happy n excited I am…. Now I am able to take the potraits of the people in the way I wanted to…, for which I was desperately trying since many months…. Long way to go now…. Seriously speaking, I am enjoying taking my pics…. and your session has regenuated my energy levels… Sai Sasidhar Maheedhara

“I liked photography before I joined SIA….. now I started loving not-only photography… but started seeing each and every thing from different view points and started LOVING my LIFE… Thank you Saurabh Chatterjee !!! you have changed my life’s view !!!”


Saurabh…Thanks a lot for guiding me into the wonderful world of photography! Your one day workshop and the subsequent field trip with hands-on sessions were well planned and very informative. Thanks to you…these days I carry my DSLR everywhere and try to capture life in all it’s myriad moods. Looking forward to attending more field trips with you in the future…

Rajiv Mondal

If you what to know about Aperture, focus and Shutter speed you always have youtube, But you what to learn photography, then you need a Guru, Who better than Saurabh with many published photos and many more awards. Learning at SIA is not just a onetime workshop, It’s an active community. I thoroughly enjoy being part of this living, walking and shooting, workshop 🙂 Thanks Saurabh

Nadakuditi Venkata Raghu

Loved the way the content was organized.. Thanks to Saurabh..

Aparajitha Chakilam

These two days have been the best! Its like fog has cleared and now things are much clear. I have enjoyed the workshop and specially the trip. Will be looking forward for more! Akash Kumar

A day well spent with Saurabh. I would recommend all budding photo enthusiast to attend his class. I had a very good experience

Anil Kumar Chalasani

Saurav’s workshop opened the tricks of SLR photography in the most informative, simple approach filled with example and dos & dont’s. I have recommended my friend and will continue to do so..

Soumava Das Gupta

Thanks to Saurabh..for making me understand my camera and the basics of photography. The classes were helpful and now i can understand the lighting, and manual setting better. Mani Kiran Ayyagari

awsome workshop! thanx Saurabh!!

Siddarth Reddy Peddi

The workshop was very informative and helpful…look forward to outdoor trips and learning much more.Thanks a lot Saurabh for ur continous encouragement.

Vasudha Gandhi Marwah

Very nice and clear explanation in class room about basics of photography. This class helped me a lot. Most interesting thing is field trip where you can actually learn and practise. I really appreciate Saurabh’s effort on this and advice new people to join the course. It will be really helpful for sure Soumik Doyeli

It’s a wonderful Experience to work with You. Thank You Saurabh

Krish Na

Superb and Awesome Experience with Saurabh. Thank you so much Saurabh for the anmazing work shop.

Sandeep Agarwal Infinitheist

Before coming to classes, Aperture, Focal Length, Shutter Speed were mysterious to me. Now I can think and apply this into actual practice. Thanks a lot.

The session was very informative and I personally learnt a lot and the session gave me confidence that I too can learn photography, through regular practice. It is also awesome that you are extending your support to guide us in the future – Really thankful for that

It was really a great workshop arranged by you and was very help ful to me in all aspects. I can now realy feel the difference mentally n wen i go out for clicking pictures. Now its of better quality and a better click.

Eliott Erwitt once said, “Nothing happens when you sit at home. I always make it a point to carry a camera with me at all times. I just shoot at whatever interests me at that moment.” This is something Mr. Saurabh Chatterjee teaches by example. His workshop is simple, without being tedious, and at the same time, gives one a first-hand knowledge and experience of the unending field that Photography is. The concept of theory and practical field trip gives the learner a balanced and encouraging experience.

Learning is a process that is limitless, unending. Saurabh Sir proves that learning photography with him does not end with the workshop. His constant articles, suggestions, tips and advice are very helpful to say the least.

As Ansel Adams said, “You don’t take a photograph, you make it,” SIA Photography with Saurabh Sir teaches you just that.

Thanks Saurabh for conducting a wonderful weekend workshop on Photography! The hands-on today with your valuable inputs really helped me understand and apply the basics! You rock…

The session was fabulous . Der was lot of confusion b4 abt many aspects but now everything is picture clear. Didn expect it would be so good experience abt the session . Its a Feel Good session . A best choice ( SIA) for those who want to Add some Fuel to ignite yr passions.

Sir the session was really good….actually i was very much delighted with the session……actually i had small knowledge abt aperture,shutter speed,but things after that really helped me learn more .The material u provided was best one….though being in the session i thought i remembered them after coming back home, again it was mystery and then were the material was helpful.All the examples u showed and the experince in taking them, the live demostrations were great and the videos of best photographers were really motivational. The best thing was u sir, u told that u nvr made professional course in photography, thats were my passion increased still more that i can also make it like u……

Thank you for the session and mostly u

Hi Saurabh,

It was really great workshop i have ever been to. I have learnt so many thing about photography.. The PPT you have shown with all different kinds of pictures gave me clear idea how well the pictures can be shot.

The material you have provided is very helpful for me to review the topics we discussed.

Altogether, i am really impressed with the workshop that you have provided. Looking forward to participate in more workshops like this and also please let me know if you can offer us more practical sessions.

Thanks Saurabh for planning just one day class on Photography! It is just not only informative but contented to attendees. What follows next is an helping hand, a tutor till one proficients the Art of Photography. This is the kind of class I was looking for. A tutor who can reachable when I need, not just only during classes. I recommend everyone who is interested in photography to attend the class.

I would like to thank you for conducting the workshop on Basics of Photography. The information was clear and as a layman, I was able to understand the theory of camera, lens and also the angles to take photos.

I also appreciate for taking time and taking us to the Landscape Garden, in Osmania Univeristy Campus. I had taken a few good shots there and also was able to gather good information from the other participants. Overall, the workshop was quite informative.

“Doing what you like is freedom,

Liking what you do is happiness”

I think you are lucky to have both.

The session on photography truly sums up the lines above as one could see the passion you posses for photography. I also believe that a true artist is someone who shares his knowledge of art with everyone.The workshop is a wonderful combination of experiences of eminent personalities as well as your own, which made the class very interesting .The material that you had given is also very useful.The whole session is instrumental in providing a great sense of inspiration as well as confidence for amateurs like me, who know very little about technicalities involved in any thing.I would like to suggest that you also add another course at the advanced level where one can learn more .I can say that you have the soul of a teacher. I would surely love to learn more of photography from you. Thank you !

I was very happy to attend this course, as I was one of those people who had used a camera Only in ‘AUTO’ mode and didn’t have any idea about how to use manual settings. After attending this course I am able to utilize the features of an SLR. Also, the communication I am receiving after completion of the course is also very helpful. Looking forward to go on photography trips, Saurabh has promised to arrange.

Saurabh gave a excellent overview of photography covering all the basics like : types of camera, depth of field, censor types, ISO, Aperture, composition etc. Apart from this he had shown few wonderful videos of few great photographers showing their views of taking better picture.

Some of the very good points that I liked was how to publish our photograph in magazines, how to sell them, different forums of photography and few very good sites in and around Hyderabad where we can go for clicking photographs.

To summarize, the session was very productive and I would always recommend this workshops to others interested in photogrphy.

Thanks to Saurabh for a wonderful session, I’m an amateur aspiring to become a better photographer, now every time I put the camera to my eye, Iam thinking for better possible options to get great pictures, the class was phenomenal.


You are a very good and Technical person that I have seen .You follow step By step and very patientful man. I have you doing things very calmly like how you handel your camera and the care that you have for it.You taught us how to take pictures in different modes and in different ways which helped me a lot… Thank you ‘sir’

Dear sir,

I would like thank you for helping me via you’r workshop.

I had the interest in photography since a long time but could not take it much seriously due to lack of skills.

After I attended your workshop, I’ve got the base of how to do it.

Thank you so much sir.


It was a pleasure learning photography from you. You made it interesting by ensuring interaction with the participants. The medium was a mix of demonstration, video, slides and handout, which kept us engaged through the whole process. While I have a long way to go, i I felt I have much better awareness of the basics, and did see marked improvement in the quality of pictures I took as part of the field trip.


Thank you for the wonderful workshop on photography.You are indeed a great teacher and I like the way you handled the session.The best part of the workshop was that it was mostly based on your experience rather than mere technical details of handling a camera. I could really learn a lot and i shall definitely implement what I have learnt.

I’m 25 and I’ve always been interesting in photography, but never really got into it I signed up for a photography with SIA Photography Hyderabad.It is a perfect place to learn photography, especially if you are passionate about pursuing it as a career/hobby I spent the day listening explaining photo principales from my experience I enjoyed the course immensely for a number of reasons: Apart from being experienced and talented photographer, I found Saurabh Chatterjee to be extremely passionate about photography. I also enjoyed the heavy practical focus of the course, which meant many hours spent shooting on the field, after which our photos were dissected by Saurabh Chatterjee I would say that learning here was extremely enjoyable, combined with excellent teaching methods, which involve practical as well as theory lessons. In fact, Saurabh Chatterjee goes beyond just teaching photography, and trains you in the business of photography.Saurabh Chatterjee was outstanding, and the teaching was so simple and practical it never felt like a classroom,Saurabh Chatterjee is approachable and extremely receptive of your views.SIA Photography Hyderabad became the platform for me to start my journey towards photography.

My photography passion and intention to learn it from the core made me attend this Workshop.

I dont know anything about Saurabh brother, but going through his photos in the website made me feel confident about learning something from him.

It’s good that the Workshop was limited to number, this made easy for me to express my doubts. And I learned a lot about the basics, for which i attended and even about the entire field of Photography.Demonstration using a camera in front of us made me easy practicing later on my camera.I could see a difference in my Photographs after I attended the Workshop

And Saurabh brother’s moral support even after the Workshop through mails encourages me to capture more and more of good pics.

The Photography workshop which was taken by Saurabh, gave me a clear exposure of the most of the aspects which need to be considered while taking a photograph. The details which i learned are How to use natural light, Exposure, Aperture settings, and etc. I am very thankful to Saurabh for providing such a great Photography workshop

It was a great experience learning from an expert. You are doing wonderful job in the field of photography, showed your work to many of my frnds and they were pretty impressed.

I am very much delighted to write about my experience attending the workshop with Saurabh. Earlier i used to just capture the image which i could see through the cam’s lcd into the digital storage, felt something was missing in the pic i had taken. Picture means a lot in ma life it stores all the memories which never return back. I joined this two day workshop with Saurabh who is a good photographer himself. Now i m able to capture the picture in the sense i think of capturing, though there are some laggings but i feel a lot gud when compared to my earlier photography. Thanks to Saurabh for sharing the Basic knowledge, which is very important and helps a lot in taking gud pics. His help was not limited to these two days of workshop, he answered and helped me out in knowing my new camera post workshop. Photography is a Ocean, knowing drop by drop will make u atleast think that u know photography, suggest you to join his workshop if u wanna start with the very first drop.

Feedback from the Photography workshop for HWS group –

Kishore Nagarigari – Kudos buddy! You have done wonderful job.

Chandrasekhar Singh – Truely it was a good session packed with all the basics covered for the beginners. Thanks Saurabh for this special session for HWS and hope to see more in future

Swetha Oggu – Thanks to you for such a wonderful session saurabh……

Venugopal Bolimela – Your experiences counted a lot for us Saurabh !!thank you soo much

Raghu Ram – Thank you Saurabh Chatterjee for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us.

Akkiraju Suryatej u did really great job saurabh ..thanks to Team HWS Ramprasad Gl Thank you so much Saurabh for the session. Thanks Team HWS Thanks Saurabh for this special session for HWS

Vamc Krishna Thanks to Mr. Saurabh Chatterjee for such a wonderful session on basics and team HWS for organizing it

Darshan Khanna Thank you Saurabh.It was great to have you a speaker.

Indra Shekar Balki Thank you Saurabh it is really a valuable priceless informantion. now i ll make out a habbit of not using a auto mode. awesome learned it lot and liked it lot…


4 thoughts on “FEEDBACK

  1. Passion…………….. thats what he has oodles of! whether to shoot the different moods of our country or to engage a motley group of photoenthusiasts for five and half hours of lecturing without anyone taking a second look at their watches! Thats Saurabh for all you folks looking to find their first photography mentor…………… thanks for the new experience at your workshop. Hope to see and learn more of this passion.

  2. I read somewhere “When I tune a carburetor the rpms, smell, and throttle response give me feedback allowing me to find that sweet spot where she runs smooth, efficient, and responsive.” Feedback is required when you need to improve something, perfection (Saurabh) doesn’t need any feedback. I am unable to recollect words to articulate about Saurabh and his skills/dedication towards teaching photography. I clicked 5000+ photos before I joined SIA. But post my training on “Basics of Photography” which took on 9th & 10th Feb 2013 I simply clicked and captured photos.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Saurabh for his guidance/teaching.

  3. I attended Saurabh’s photography class in December ’12 and have also joined in a couple of field trips. The class room sessions were excellent – well structured, well presented and very informative. However IMO the field trips (a really unique feature of Sia) are where you really learn the practical and hands-on aspects of photography. I thank Saurabh for his unique way of teaching, his patience and his very helpful attitude. What comes across when you interact with him, is his passion for photography and spreading the medium. Thanks, Saurabh!

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