I don’t know anything about Photography, I’m just a beginner. Will this course be helpful for me?
Absolutely, this course is for beginners. The course has been designed assuming that the participant has no knowledge / experience in photography.

I don’t have a camera; can I still join the workshop?
Yes. Camera is not required for the first session. For field trips, an SLR camera is available on rent if required.

I don’t have an SLR camera; can I still join the workshop?
Yes. This this workshop is not only about SLR cameras. Its fine if you have a small Point and Shoot camera. What matters most is YOU – the person behind the camera and not the camera itself. However, if you need an SLR camera for the field trip, an SLR camera can be made available on rent if required.

Can I learn Photography in just one day?
No. The theory session is just an introduction to the ocean where you are about to dive in. It will provide you enough knowledge to start. The practise sessions / field trips are the moments there you will actually gain hands-on experience and reinforce the learnings in the classroom session.


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