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Want an International certification on Photography?
City of Glasgow College, UK in association with SIA Photography presents courses in Basics and Advanced Photography
Faculty – Professors from City of Glasgow College, UK
Duration – 40 hours (8hrs per session)
Schedule of sessionsย –ย 
1st session – Saturday, April 20, 2013
2nd session – Sunday, April 21, 2013
3rd session – Wednesday, April 24, 2013
4th session – Saturday, April 27, 2013
5th session – Sunday, April 28, 2013
Fee – Rs.15000/- (per course)
All participants will get a certificate from City of Glasgow College, UK
More Information – Basics course and Advanced course ย  Limited seats!
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SIA Photography

We have moved toย http://siaphotography.inย 
Basics of Photography / Adobe Lightroom courses byย Saurabh Chatterjee –ย 
a National Geographic and Lonely Planet contributor
Transforming Camera-owners into great photographers!
Its not just another one-day workshop, its a learning with life-time support.
My Vision– To make every camera owner a great photographer.

1:1 Online courses are available for people outside India

In Persian, SIA means bringer of joy and thats what Photography for me is all about.

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To join me please fill the Registration Form
Sessions on Weekends
First session (on Saturdays) – Presentationย + demo + practicalsย – Solid 5 hours
Field trips (on Sundays) ย – 3 hours each – your learning continues for ever!
Why SIA?ย 

1. Field trips – Meet passionate photogs, take pictures and make friends – twice a month (No charges)
2. Facebook group – share your pictures and get feedback – the learning never stops!
3. Get opportunity to participate in events.

Cost – Rs.3000/-

Online sessions, 1:1 sessions and workshops for corporates / children / individuals can also be arranged on request.
If YOU can’t, SIA Photography will come to you ๐Ÿ™‚
Have any questions – Check the FAQ page

Email – siaphotoclasses(at)

Cell – 8OO8633354
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Seats are limited to 10; register early!ย 

SIA Photogs – the official photography partner for Harithon. Join us for more fun!
SIA Photogs

At Hyderabad Pet Adoption Drive
Hyderabad Pet Adpotion drive

One of the shots from our regular field trips…

With Rohan, the youngest SIA Photogs…
SIA Photography Workshops

This is how we support each other take pictures and enjoy. Sri holding Sahejit with his hands so that he can witness the festivities going on.
SIA Photogs in action in a Field Trip
SIA Photogs in action in a Field Trip

LightRoom Session

Photography workshop in Mumbai

At 0akridge International School

Shooting the Shooters – Portrait field trip

Celebrating World Photography Day with group

Low Light Photography Field trip
Field trip